Are you looking for a wishing script for Republic Day 2020, if yes then you have arrived in the right place? We have personally created a WhatsApp viral script for your kind viewers.


  • Features of Republic day wishing script.
  • What is new in this wishing script.
  • How to customize the republic day wishing script.
  • Download links and demo.

Republic day wishing script for Blogger/ WordPress.

We have created a wishing script for our users which will help you all to generate some income easily by sharing it on Whatsapp or facebook. You can easily add this page to your Blogger or WordPress. The theme, template, and navigations are very easy. The concept of making the script is only to share the latest events and increase the pace of event blogging which google also wants in the future.

Features of Republic Day viral wishing script.

  • Very much responsive.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Lite and loads very fast.
  • High-quality images with an attractive look.
  • Dynamic gifs of the aircraft.
  • Customizable and easy to upload it on blogger.
  • The steps are written in the script.
  • Social media is present in it.

What’s new in Republic day wishing script.

  • New and latest images with gifs.
  • Content is unique.
  • It is very user-friendly to customize and upload it.
  • Ads-friendly.
  • If you cannot use Google ads then use the propeller ads on it.
  • Its naming script works accurately and the social, sharable links are present.

How to Install the republic day wishing script.

For the customization and installation, you must have a blogger website or any other platform like WordPress, etc.
It is very easy to customize this script. If you want to change the images, then go on google, search for the required image, choose the image which you want to replace and go to edit HTML of the Republic day wishing script 2020 and after the tag IMG SRC tag just paste the image link address, the job is done.
If you face any type of major problem further then please do comment us we will help you all.

Download Republic day wishing script 2020 and (Demo).

After the installation of the Republic day wishing script 2020. Open the page and as in the image below, you have to enter your name.

After entering the name, Do click to the Ok button to proceed further.
After clicking Ok, you will be able to enter the page and know you will be able to see your name entered on the page. The name will dance on the page and some quotes of Republic Day are written on it.

As you may able to see in the above image of the demo that your entered text is being shown and your credit is also mentioned with a very beautiful Quote of Republic day 2020 India.
It also clearly visible that the share buttons are also available like  WhatsApp. If you click to the WhatsApp button your page will be redirected to your WhatsApp and know you will able to share it.

You may download the Republic day wishing script 2020 HTML file from here just copy all the HTML scripts and paste it in your blogger or WordPress page, publish it, share it and enjoy it.

Thank you so much for giving time and following all the step

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