You can use all these scripts for free in google blogger, these scripts can boost your revenue by showing Google Adsense Ads. We have implemented a lost of features in these scripts.

What is Festival Wishing Website?

As we all know nowadays a huge amount of peoples are using Whatsapp, Facebook. These wishing websites are based on Social Networks, here what happened is let’s say Diwali is coming and if you want to wish someone then you basically give gifts. but if someone is far from you and if you want to wish them then these festival wishing websites do it all. You just have to Create >> Share >> And Earn there is no limit you can earn as much as you share your link and viral it.

To Earn from Festival Wishing Website you need to have a Fully Approved Google Adsense Account so, that you can place your ads and earn. Remember you can not approve your Adsense Account using this Festival Wishing Website. You have to create a fully professional blog and get it approved by Google >> once your blog gets approved you can place your ads on your Festival Wishing Websites.

How To Viral Festival Wishing Website?

You can viral it using Facebook, WhatsApp these are the best way to viral your scripts. But remember Do Not Share More Than 5 Links A Day On Facebook otherwise Facebook Will Block Your Link. In the case of WhatsApp, you can share as much as you can, you can join 100-200 groups to share your URL. There are lots of Group links available on the Google Play store simply search “WhatsApp Groups” >> Install it >> Start joining the groups and simply start sharing your website URL. As you all know if anything gets viral on WhatsApp then it goes on viral there is no limit.

If you want to know how to create a festival wishing script or how to edit festival wishing script just go to the link given below:

Features of this Festival Wishing Script’s

  • You can change Images of this script, add any type of images that you like
  • These are very lite weight and super fast loading scripts
  • No Nulled / No Cracked / No Encrypted Scripts
  • You Get Facebook & WhatsApp Ready Buttons To Share
  • These Scripts Supports any size ads, Facebook Meta Tags, Twitter Meta Tags
  • Fully Responsive / Mobile Friendly
  • Optimized for High Ads Revenue
  • These are Adsense Ready Scripts

Benefits of this Festival Wishing Scripts

  • You can earn up to 1000$ From this script (Adsense Ads)
  • Get High Amount Traffic
  • Get Huge Facebook Likes

#1. Independence Day Festival Wishing Script

#2. Republic Day Festival Wishing Script

#3. Happy Diwali Festival Wishing Script

#4. Happy Holi Festival Wishing Script

#5. Dussehra Festival Wishing Script

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