Instagram algorithm changes affect everyone who uses the platform: brands, Kardashians, you, and yes, your mom.

But ever since Instagram nixed the reverse-chronological feed in 2016, rumors have flown about what the Instagram algorithm is, does, and cares about. It’s a mysterious beast, and misinformation abounds.

So how can your brand ensure you’re fine-tuning your Instagram marketing strategy so that you’re working with the flow of the feed, and not against it? Here, we’ve gathered the most up-to-date information (and debunked the latest conspiracy theories) about the all-powerful algorithm.

How the Instagram Algorithm Works in 2020

First off: no, it’s still not reverse-chronological. (Although it does prioritize “timeliness”—but we’ll get to that in a second.)

Here’s the thing to remember: Instagram’s primary goal is to maximize the time users spend on the platform. Because the longer users linger, the more ads they see. So directly or indirectly, accounts that help Instagram achieve that goal are rewarded.

But that’s a pretty broad statement. And it’s easy to misinterpret.

To help clear up misconceptions, in June 2018 Instagram invited journalists to a press briefing in San Francisco, where their product team explained how the algorithm works.

Specifically, product lead Julian Gutman went into detail on how the algorithm uses “ranking signals” to decide how to arrange each individual user’s feed.

Instagram’s top 3 ranking signals

1. Relationship

Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes content from accounts that users interact with a lot.

If a person often leaves comments on your posts, or if they have notifications enabled for your account, or you DM each other, or you tag each other in your posts, then the algorithm recognizes that the two of you are “close.”

According to Instagram, this set-up allows users to see 90 percent of posts from their “friends and family.” Back when feeds were organized in reverse-chronological order, Instagram estimates people missed 50 percent of those important posts, and 70 percent of their feed overall.

2. Interest

The algorithm also predicts which posts are important to users based on their past behavior. This potentially includes the use of machine vision technology to assess the content of a photo.

This is similar to how the Facebook algorithm and the YouTube algorithm filter and recommend content. So, users who like latte art are more likely to see latte art at the top of their feed. Users who like baby animals are more likely to see baby animals up there.

3. Timeliness

The algorithm shows users newer posts first, according to this announcement from March 2018. We’d guess that this was in response to the endless campaign for a return to the reverse-chronological feed.

For brands, the timeliness (or “recency”) ranking signal means that paying attention to your audience’s behavior, and posting when they’re online, is key.

Check out our deep dive on Instagram analytics, if you want some more guidance in this area.

5 myths about the Instagram algorithm

1. Reverse-chronological isn’t coming back

Instagram algorithm
myths about the Instagram algorithm

Users will continue to campaign, and journalists will continue to ask, but Instagram (at least as of this writing) stands firm.

2. There is no shadowban

Paranoia about the so-called “shadowban” has been rolling around on marketing blogs for years. According to Instagram, it doesn’t exist. The algorithm is not capable of hiding your content without telling you.

That said, sudden declines in engagement are definitely possible if your followers are annoyed by spammy practices.

So pay attention to the community guidelines. And definitely use Instagram hashtag best practices.

3. The reach cap is fake news, too

Most recently, in January 2019, Instagram took to Twitter to rehash some facts.

myths about the Instagram algorithm

Source: Twitter

This is the same story as the shadowban. Users who feel like their activities are toeing past the line of value and into spamminess feel guilty. Then they have paranoid fantasies that the algorithm—who is omniscient like Santa Claus—is persecuting them.

Alas, no. If your reach has taken a sudden turn, it’s best to investigate factors within your control. To that end: here are some real-world tips on getting more Instagram likes.

4. Using Stories or going Live won’t make the algorithm like you more

The feed is the feed, according to Instagram. And the feed’s algorithm doesn’t discriminate based on how often your account makes use of other tools within the app.

Although, if your brand’s use of Stories and Live video is jaw-dropping, you’re likely to get more followers and engagement from your audience overall. So we do recommend including those tools as part of your Instagram business plan.

5. Verified users don’t get special treatment (and neither do business accounts)

If it looks like they do, that’s actually a function of the algorithm prioritizing the content’s popularity. No specific type of account gets a head start: the users decide what they want, and the algorithm delivers it.

7 tips to make the How the Instagram Algorithm Works in 2020

1. Post more often

If you think your team has the capacity to increase quality and quantity, go for it.

It used to be that it was risky to post to Instagram more than once a day. You don’t want to be that brand. But since the algorithm automatically breaks up multiple photos to diversify what people see, your audience may not even consciously register the increase. And if you’re posting great content, they’ll probably like it.

Using an Instagram scheduling tool to plan out your content calendar will make managing an increase in posting volume a whole lot easier.

2. Post video for Instagram Algorithm Works in 2020

According to Instagram, the algorithm doesn’t prioritize video unless your audience prioritizes video. Someone who never pauses to watch videos will see fewer of them on their feed.

But statistically, most people probably will stop to watch. (Video consumption on Instagram increased 80 percent year over year from 2018). That leaves the algorithm tasked with the job of finding more videos for these users to watch.

Posting videos—whether Live, as a Story, or on IGTV—will also increase the time your audience spends with each post, which can lead to increased engagement.

3. Post when your audience is looking to get best Instagram Algorithm Works in 2020

Reverse-chronological isn’t coming back (I swear, that’s the last time I’ll mention it), but because the algorithm favors recent posts, brands need to pay attention to when their audiences are online.

We recommend using an Instagram scheduler to a) get access to more advanced analytics than Instagram offers, and b) get those posts out at the right time without dropping everything at 4pm (or 4am, if your audience is in another hemisphere).

In the meantime, we did an analysis of Instagram’s top 20 North American brands, and came up with data on the best time of the day and week to post on Instagram, sorted by industry.

4. Be personable

The algorithm will promote your posts to users who have a relationship with you already. So build those relationships up authentically. (No, we’re not talking about Instagram pods.)

Write compelling captions to drive engagement. Chat with people in the comments, ask questions. Like other people’s posts, and comment on them. Simple, but effective.

5. Use hashtags well

The purpose of a hashtag is to make your post accessible to people who may not necessarily follow you, but who have an interest in your areas of expertise.

Hashtag misuse is a great way to make your brand look desperate and slimy. (Yes, even if you hide them under the fold: we see that.) Instead, use hashtags in good faith. Like a librarian would use them: first, to genuinely clarify what your post is about. Second, to do your part to help organize the data torrent for your audience.

For more tips, here’s our collection of best practices for Instagram hashtags.

6. Run a contest for a quick boost

One of the fastest, but still legitimate, ways to fuel up your engagement and make nice with the algorithm is to run an Instagram contest.

Contests take some preparation. And they also need to be well-thought-out if they’re going to build your brand and not tarnish it. But since the algorithm eats and breathes attention, there’s no better way to court it.

A simple giveaway that features your flagship product or service may well cement you in your audience’s good graces, grow your followers, and lift your engagement to the point where the algorithm can’t help but take notice.

7. Encourage people to turn on notifications

When done the right way, (i.e., reminding people casually), this is one way to impress the algorithm with your brand’s importance to your community. People who have notifications turned on will not only be more likely to engage with your posts, they’ll also see more content from you overall.

8. Make your posts truly incredible

Instagram has said again and again that the only way to lift your content’s feed ranking is to produce great content.

Meanwhile, the attraction of Instagram has always been the unwritten rule that no one posts crappy photos. (Ok, almost no one.)

So if your skills—and engagement—have plateaued, it’s time to try something different. Why not hire a professional photographer, and see what you can learn? Or download some new tools and learn to edit photos like a pro.

Save time managing your Instagram presence by using Hashtag #RKM2022SK to schedule and publish posts, grow your audience, and track success with easy-to-use analytics. Try it free today.

26 जनवरी गणतंत्र दिवस Gantantra Diwas 2020 : आदरणीय गुरुजन गण मेरे प्यारे भाई और बहिनों हम सभी को पता है की आज हम यहाँ क्यों इकठे हुए | हम यहाँ भारत का 71 वॉ गणतंत्र दिवस Gantantra Diwas मानाने जा रहे है |इस ख़ुशी के मोके पर में आप सभी को बताना चाहता हु की भारत ने 15 अगस्त 1947 को अंग्रेजो की गुलामी से आजादी मिली थी और इसके लगभग 2 साल 11 महीने और 18 दिनों के बाद 26 जनवरी 1950 को भारत ने अपना संविधान लागु किया था | इसी दिन से भारत एक लोकतांत्रिक गणराज्य के रुप में घोषित किया गया था |

पहली बार राष्ट्रीय सभा को ड्राफ्टिंग कमेटी ने 4 नवम्बर 1947 को सविंधान पहली रुपरेखा तैयार की गयी थी | 26 जनवरी 1950 को हिंदी और अंग्रेजी दोनों में राष्ट्रीय सभा द्वारा भारतीय संविधान की रूपरेख पर हस्ताक्षर किये गये थे | उसी दिन से यानि 26 जनवरी 1950 से भारत का संविधान अस्तित्व में आया था | तब से आज तक प्रतेक 26 जनवरी को गणतंत्र दिवस के रूप में मनाने की शुरुवात हुई थी | जबकि भारत का इतिहास बहुत बड़ा है

भारत को गणतंत्र देश इस लिय कहा गया है क्योकि देश की सर्वोच्च शक्ति को चुनने का अधिकार केवल देश की जनता के पास है | जहा देश की जनता अपना नेता प्रधानमंत्री चुन सकती है | भारत में पूर्ण स्वराज के लिए हमारे स्वतंत्रता सेनानियों ने बहुत संघर्ष किया उन्होंने अपने प्राणों की आहुति दी ताकि आने वाली पीढ़ी को कोई संघर्ष न कारण पड़े और वो इस भारत जैसे बड़े देश को आगे लेकर जा सके |

हमारे देश के महान नेता और स्वतंत्रता सेनानी जिन्होंने भारत की आजादी में अंग्रेजों के खिलाफ़ लगातार संघर्ष करके हमें आजादी दिलाई थी | इन महान नेताओ के समर्पण को हम कभी भी नहीं भूल सकते इसी अवसर पर हम इन नेताओ को याद करते है और उन्हें सलामी दी जाती है | जबकि हर साल एक भव्य मार्च पास्ट इंडिया गेट से राष्ट्रपति भवन तक आयोजित की जाती है | इस मार्च पास्ट में भारतीय तीनो सेनाओ वायुसेना, नौसेना, थल सेना द्वारा अपना करतब दिखाया जाता है | इस समारोह में भाग लेने के लिए देश के सभी हिस्सों से राष्ट्रीय कडेट कोर व विभिन्न विद्यालयों से बच्चे भी भाग लेते हैं | मार्च पास्ट शुरू होने पर भारत के प्रधानमंत्री अमर जवान ज्योति को पुष्प माला पहनते हैं | इसके बाद शहीद सैनिकों की स्मृति में दो मिनट मौन रखा जाता है |

26 जनवरी को गणतंत्र दिवस Gantantra Diwas समारोह पर भारत के राष्ट्रपति द्वारा भारतीय राष्ट्र ध्वज National Flag को फहराया जाता हैं | इसके बाद सामूहिक रूप में खड़े होकर भारतीय राष्ट्रगान गाया जाता है |भारतीय राष्ट्रीय ध्वज़ 3 रंग व 24 बराबर तीलियों के साथ बीचो बीच में एक चक्र है | राष्ट्रीय ध्वज़ National Flag के सभी तीन रंगों का अपना अलग -अलग अर्थ है | सबसे उपर 1 . केसरिया रंग जो देश की मजबूती और हिम्मत को दिखाता है | 2. मध्य में सफेद रंग जो शांति को प्रदर्शित करता है | 3. सबसे नीचे का हरा रंग जो वृद्धि और समृद्धि का सूचक है | तिरंगे के मध्य 24 तीलिया वाला एक नेवी रंग का चक्र है जो महान सम्राट अशोक के धर्म को प्रदर्शित करता है |

इसके बाद विभिन्न राज्यों की प्रदर्शनी भी होती हैं | प्रदर्शनी में हर राज्य के लोगों की विशेषता उनके लोक गीत व कला का प्रदशर्न किया जाता है | इस मार्च पास्ट का सीधा प्रसरण टेलीवजन पर किया जाता है जिसे दुनिया के प्रतेक कोने में देखा जाता है | जबकि भारत के राष्ट्रपति व प्रधानमंत्री द्वारा दिये गये भाषण को सुनने के लिए लाखों कि भीड़ लाल किले पर एकत्रित होती है |धन्यवाद

” जय हिन्द ” जय भारत “

We Might Not Be The Richest Nation In The World,

We Might Be Deprived Of The Finances

And The Luxuries Of This World,

But My Brothers And Sister

Let Us Maintain Our Peaceful Coexistence

And Above All Love For Our Nation.

Happy Republic Day!

Having an active business page on Instagram is essential especially for many small businesses and startups. Good Instagram caption is an integral part of being successful on Instagram. Instagram caption can make your posts go viral or on the other hand, your marketing campaigns fail altogether.We would talk about important points, new ideas and also strategies to write a good Instagram caption. Using these tips, your captions would have a better effect on your followers. Also we will show you here how to write more interesting and effective captions for your posts through captions of successful Instagram pages.

What is Instagram caption and how long should it be?

Instagram caption are texts written under an Instagram post. A caption can have 2000 characters and there are no limits in using emoji in the captions. You can also use 30 different hashtags in a caption. But it doesn’t mean you should use as many emojis and hashtags as you can. Your caption should be attractive for your audience and also simple to read and encourage your followers to interact with your posts.Your Instagram caption represent identity of your brand so it is important to pay enough attention in writing them. A good caption can amuse your followers and engage them more with your page.

Why is it important to write good Instagram captions?

You may share many beautiful and high quality images in your Instagram page, but not having good captions, you will lose a golden opportunity for sure. By having good captions, your audience become more interested on your page and consequently they would like your posts more. Fascinating captions also lead to more engagement with followers commenting on your posts or saving them as well as liking your content.It has been proven that Instagram shows your posts on the feed of most of your followers if finds them interesting for a sample of your followers, i.e. engagement rate. If you look at the posts which appear on top of your feed, you will notice that they have better captions and are more popular. So they have better rank on followers’ feed. In fact, people are more interested in the caption rather than the image itself.Additionally, caption let you to add different hashtags to your post. As you may know, hashtags make it easier for Instagram users to find your content and as a result, it will increase your follower counts in long term.

12 tips to write good Instagram captions

Knowing the importance of Instagram captions, let’s see which criteria a good caption should have and in writing a good caption you should pay more attention to which components:

1. Know your audience

There are more than 700 million active users on Instagram so it is important to know your audience. The first step to write good captions is to know exactly who your audience is. Find the answer to questions like: What is the gender of majority of your followers? Where are their locations? What are their jobs? And what are they interested in?After knowing the answer to these questions, you can provide suitable content for your audience based on their needs and preferences. With all these information, you can decide on the ways of communicating with your audience and also style of your writing.

 2. Know your message

After knowing your audience, you should know your message as well. You should know what you are trying to convey. This is important both for private pages as well as business pages.Answering these questions may help: What are your beliefs? Is there anything you disagree with? What are your characteristics?For example if you are a travel blogger, you are probably adventurous, curious and brave. These characteristic would form a good relationship between you and your audience. The message which you want to convey can be an invitation for a trip, or a suggestion to experience new things and have fun with their family and friends. But what you may disagree with? It is obvious that you disagree with laziness and being uninterested to experiencing new things. This example shows how knowing your message is important.Instagram users are mostly interested in friendly atmosphere and do not expect formal messages. So it is better to be intimate in your captions, use irony and humor and show an interesting characteristic of yourself.

3. Consider the quantity

Most people check their Instagram in a rush. They are not interested to spend a lot of time reading a caption. It is better to write as brief as possible. However there are no rule which says your captions should be short or long. It is quite natural that you need to write longer captions for some of your posts to explain them or even make them more interesting for the reader.We recommend to share your interesting stories about an image with your followers. It may even make it simpler for your followers to understand your point.

4. Put the most important words first

When Instagram users see the latest posts on their feed, they just see the first lines of a caption and if interested touch “more” to continue reading the rest. This means that if they don’t find the beginning of your caption interesting enough, they will not read the rest of it. So pay more attention to writing the first lines of your captions. Also write them in a way to make your audience curious to continue reading it.

5. Use Instagram hashtags appropriately

Instagram stats shows using at least one hashtag on your Instagram caption will increase the possibility of your post being seen up to 12.6%. So hashtag is an important feature in increasing the possibility of your posts being seen by more users. But do not use them aimlessly.The first point in using hashtags is that reading them is more complicated than reading a text. So when you use several hashtags consecutively in a text, users will find it confusing and will definitely read it hastily without paying enough attention.The other important point is to use just related hashtags. When the hashtags you use in your posts are not related to your content, you are harassing users because they will see your posts in the wrong place. It is not pleasant for anyone for sure.The last point in writing hashtags is the popularity of that hashtag. When you are selecting hashtags, choose the ones which are more popular. Why? Because when a user write a hashtag in his post, Instagram will recognize his behavior and show posts relevant to those hashtags more to the user. So if you use popular hashtags, you will be seen by more users.Considering all the points mentioned above, sometimes you should use as many hashtags as you can. In these times, there are two ways to make your captions look better:

  • Separate hashtags from the main body of your text. It is also better to use space between them.
  • Don’t use all the hashtags in the caption. Put some of them in the first comment of your post. It has the same effect as using them in the caption and will show your posts in the related searches and at the same time, your caption would not seem messy with a lot of hashtags.

6. Use questions or requests in your  Instagram caption

One of the simplest ways to receive more comments on your posts is asking question. For example, you can ask a yes/no question from your followers or ask them to leave their insight about a particular subject. Asking them questions will increase the possibility of improving your engagement rate.

7. Mention other Instagram users in your captions

One of most interesting features of Instagram is the possibility of mentioning others in your posts or comments. It has also positive effect on engagement rate of your posts.So if you want to introduce or mention another Instagram user, use @ sign and then write his Instagram handle. He/she will be notified as soon as you share your post, comment or story. Using this feature, you can be sure that the person will see your post. They may even reply it. Mentioning a person, his followers may also see your post and leave comment on it.You can also ask your followers to tag their friends on your posts so it get more engagement.

8. Use emoji in your captions

Is it good to use emoji in your posts? This might be your question too. The answer highly depends on your page and your style of writing. However using emoji would get your audiences’ attention and is a perfect way for transferring emotions and creating brand identity in an Instagram caption. They would also make your captions more interesting and the users will interact more willingly with your post.

9. Use quotations

Some users share a unique content like quotes from well-known persons.

10. Use an intimate tone in your captions

Instagram has a friendly atmosphere, so being too much formal is not only ineffective, it can have a negative effect on your Instagram page as well. So we would recommend to have an intimate voice in your captions and try to get closer to your audience.

11. Ask your followers to engage with your posts

Continuous engagement is the most important feature which your page should have. Interacting with your followers would make them feel better about your page and be more loyal. Write captions which encourage your followers to interact with your posts. There are different ways to encourage followers to engage with your content; one of the most important of which is contest.In making followers to engage with your posts, your question and request should be so interesting that make them to react to the post. 


Revision will lead to great captions. Always revise your posts before publishing them. Revising them, you can correct grammatical mistakes and also make them easier to read.You can also read the caption for someone else and ask them to comment on them, so you will have a comment from someone who is not involved in your page so no bigotry. They can even give you better and more interesting ideas for your caption. 

Some ideas to write good captions

Here we will share some recommendations about the content you can share in your caption:

  • You can share facts about nature, science and even innovations which help your followers to learn new things.
  • Education captions which show the process of doing a task step by step.
  • Polls, contests and games: using contest, pools and different games are good ways to engage followers with your posts.
  • Captions which advertise your other pages, invite your followers to follow your other pages in other platforms.
  • Captions in which you narrate a story.
  • Caption describing backstage of an event or your brand
  • Captions encouraging your followers to click a link; some brands use Instagram to share part of their articles and then ask their followers to click on the link in their bio to read the rest of it.
  • When you have a special offer, you can share it in your caption.
  • Short captions: if you want your audience to pay more attention to your images and videos, write short captions for your posts or even write no caption.

 Reading this article, you can now share great captions. Let us know your insight about this article bellow.

Pump up your content marketing strategy—along with your brand’s online image—by creating articles, videos and more that are actionable. Here’s how you can do it.

Content marketing can boost your brand’s visibility.
However, many small and mid-size organizations fail to produce effective content for successful campaigns. Consumers get bombarded with tons of information, and the attention span of the average internet user is shrinking. The solution is “actionable” content. Here’s what it is—along with how you can use it in your next campaign:

Consumers get bombarded with tons of information, and the attention span of the average internet user is shrinking. The solution is “actionable” content. Here’s what it is—along with how you can use it in your next campaign:

Actionable vs. regular and interactive content

Actionable content is content that can easily be implemented by readers. An example of actionable content is a “how-to” post.

Many PR pros use “regular” content that spreads information but doesn’t connect with a specific audience. This type of content usually makes your audience say, “Duh, that’s obvious” or, “I already knew that.” As a result, it fails to create a lasting impression.

“Interactive” content prompts action from readers with calls to action, such as registering, sharing and liking your content. Its purpose is to open a two-way communication channel with your potential customers. Google usually rewards interactive content.

“ Actionable” content not only explains what to achieve but also tells readers how to achieve it. This type of content can attract more traffic, generate leads and produce measurable growth of conversions and revenue.

How to create actionable content

Crafting actionable content is easier said than done. It requires a well-planned content marketing strategy and it will look different across industries, niches, and target audiences.

However, there are some common elements of actionable content. Here are seven ways to create it:

1. Explain how to complete tasks.

Don’t just tell readers what to do; also explain how they can do it. People often turn away from content that provides no other benefits but informing the reader of a particular product, service or issue.

Explaining how to do a task can set you apart from competitors and establish you as a resource, which creates a bond of trust.

This article explains different types of health insurance plans:

Though informative, the article doesn’t explain how to choose the right health insurance plan. Instead, it outlines available options.

This post not only compares the available insurance plans but also explains how to choose the right one:

The author explains the factors that one considers when purchasing a health insurance policy and breaks down the process into steps using simple language. Both articles are informative, but the second is actionable.

2. Quote famous personalities and industry experts

By not quoting personalities in your blog posts, you might miss the opportunity to increase your content’s credibility and add different viewpoints.

When you include a quote in your blog post, use quotation marks and provide a source via a hyperlink. Keep the quote exactly as it was spoken or written, unless you’re using an excerpt of a longer speech.

For example, in her post ‘11 Ways to Stay Motivated & Focused to Achieve Your Goals’, author Toria Sheffield used quotes from a motivational trainer, as well as a business advisor and popular YouTube personality. This lends credibility to her content.

3. Use visuals.

Images and videos are the easiest ways to explain your thoughts and ideas. Humans have the innate ability to readily digest visual content, compared to the textual information.

Dr. John J. Medina, a developmental molecular biologist, said that people are likely to remember only 10 percent of relayed information days later. If that information is paired with a relevant image, people can retain almost 65 percent of it three days later.

Use high-quality images, videos, screenshots, memes, and graphs to clarify the accompanying text. When using images from sites such as Pixabay or YouTube, source your material.

This Kissmetrics article is an excellent example of how to use different types of media to make your content more appealing. The author used screenshots and pictures to explain several types of behavioral email marketing points:

4. Be unique.

Content marketing isn’t new, so you must be unique to get noticed.

Savvy content marketers use fresh ways to connect with target audiences on a personal level. For example, Red Bull created “Red Bulletin,” which features individuals’ adventure stories:

Nike broke away from stereotypical masculine sports messages and shared messages of female empowerment:

5. Answer common questions or concerns.

Put yourself in readers’ shoes. Google focuses on users’ search intent, and you should focus on what your audience wants to hear rather than what you have to say.

Think about problems or issues your consumers might have and address them, starting with your post’s headline. Resist the urge to write your opinions. Instead, stick with information that gives people tangible results.

The Poor Traveler blog shows how addressing readers’ questions can boost online traffic. From destination-based travel guides to the most common traveling obstacles, it covers several aspects of a budget traveler’s life:

6. Include a personal touch

Bloggers and brands have different styles and voices but stay away from writing that feels unnatural or self-promotional. Content marketing is about developing an attachment to consumers by striking natural conversations with them.

Write as if you are having a one-on-one conversation with each reader. Use first-person pronouns, or occasionally use “I” and “we.” Respond to readers’ comments and answer questions using the same personal tone.

Kathy Patalsky’s blog reveals how a personal touch can increase engagement Patalsky shares vegan recipes, healthy habits and lifestyle advice with her readers as if she is having personal conversations with them:

7. Include real-life examples to build trust.

Engage your readers by sharing real-life success stories relevant to your topic. Actionable tips should also be backed by real-life examples and statistics, as they help your audience identify the path to success. If they can see that others have already benefited from your advice, they are more likely to consider following it themselves.

My Fitness Pal’s blog provides health and fitness information, and readers can easily access to success stories, workout videos and examples from people who have gotten into shape:

As readers get tried-and-tested diet and exercise regimens, they keep coming back for more.

Instagram may be a platform built on networks. Its network of user to user interaction gives account holders the power to simply connect with compatible accounts. Personal and business accounts can see what other accounts they follow have interacted with. These interactions are highlighted as likes and comments and may be seen by visiting a selected page on the Instagram mobile app. As of this publishing, the desktop Instagram website doesn’t support this feature.

Step One:

Open the Instagram app by clicking the icon on your mobile phone. We’ll refer to each of the different Instagram interfaces as pages. For example, this is the home page that loads automatically when you open the Instagram app.

Step Two:

Click on the heart icon in the bottom right hand corner.

Step Three:

After clicking the heart icon, Instagram will direct you to your notifications page. You’ll know this is the page you are viewing because the “You” at the top of the screen is underlined. This page is where you will see who has engaged with your posts, how many people viewed your story and if users have tagged you in photos, captions or comments. Click on “Following” located to the left of “You”.

Step Four:

By clicking “Following”, you’ll see what all the people who you follow have liked on Instagram. The information available regards if they liked a post or commented on a post. Notifications not included on this page are if a user was tagged in a photo or story.

Instagram gives its users quick access to accounts they’ll wish to follow. By allowing users to ascertain who the accounts they follow interact with, they need created a network app that connects users from round the globe and across various niches. This has been a guide the way to see what someone likes on Instagram, to find out more about the way to use Instagram, headover to our informative Instagram guide.

Many people have succeeded in Internet marketing, but there are also those who were unfortunate. If you are new to this kind of money-making opportunity, you should know the top five principles of Internet marketing. It is not enough that you have an Internet connection to be able to earn some money online.

Internet marketers have different experiences, but one thing is for sure, the basic principles of Internet marketing will apply regardless of the niche that you’re in. First and foremost, you should know how to write articles. It will be an advantage if you have your own website. You need to create relevant content that is highly optimized in order to attract the search engines. According to experts, content marketing is one of the best ways to get high traffic. Try to learn the basics of writing content for your Internet marketing website, and you will have better chances of succeeding in your chosen endeavor.

The second principle is using an auto responder. This can be very useful if you have mailing lists. You can use this feature when your customers ‘opt in’. Since you are busy with the other aspects of Internet marketing, the auto responder will do the job for you. You can instantly provide your clients with strategies, tips, and tricks through email. It is your customers that should seek your service. You should offer a solution to their needs or problems, and you can give away something for free. Of course nothing is permanent in Internet marketing and the year 2012 might bring new facets to online business that you can read about in an article titled, Changes in Online Marketing: Predictions for 2012.

As mentioned earlier, the auto responder can be used if you have a mailing list. To do this, you will need an opt-box. This is usually found on the right side of the Internet marketing site. This is the fastest and easiest way to get your target market’s personal details. The box must require the site visitor to provide his or her name, email address, address, and phone number. It is up to you if you will not ask for the phone number, just the first three. The main function of the box is to generate leads that you can use in Internet marketing.

Aside from writing articles or content, you can also use blogs in Internet marketing. It is not enough that you maintain a website for your business. It is equally vital to have a blog site. Becoming a blogger is not that hard. In fact, you can find many resources online to help you get started in blogging. Just like the opt-box, the blogs can also generate leads. You have to create blogs that are relevant to your marketing efforts, and the posts must be informative or engaging.

The fifth principle is branding. You need to be branded as a leader in your chosen niche. Always keep in mind that Internet marketing is not just about the company that you represent. It is also about you and your leadership skills. If you can prove that you’re an expert in the niche, you can win the trust and confidence of your target market.

Follow the five principles and you will succeed as an Internet marketer.

Whether you have a brick and mortar business, an online-only service, or a mix of the two, in order to grow you need to be found online. For most people the first thing they do when they are looking for information, products or services is to look on the net, so from the small local handmade knitting store that never sells anything online through to a global company that specializes in language learning, if you don’t have information that is available to be found when people look for you, then you just won’t be found.

What Should Your Digital Marketing Look Like?

Many people get overwhelmed with the plethora of abbreviations they have to suddenly try to understand when they enter the world of online marketing: PPC, SEO, SEM, ROI, PPV, SERP and that’s without falling into eCommerce terms like click funnel, B2B or affiliate marketing.

Although it can seem complicated when you first step into this world, working with a good agency like Alpha Clicks can help you to not only decipher the terms and untangle the threads that create a good strategy but also help to make sure that your marketing is effective.

An effective strategy is one that ensures potential customers recognize your brand, no matter where they encounter it, and can find you in the spaces where they will look. There are several global brands that have put such an effort into their branding that they have become recognizable even with only part of their logo displayed; brands such as Coca-cola, Google, Amazon, Windows or Apple are all easily recognizable around the world.

However, most businesses don’t have the advertising budget that these companies have, so you need to work to make sure that every cent you spend is effective in achieving your goals.

What Are Your Marketing Goals?

Most businesses really don’t have a clear goal in mind when they are thinking digital promotions, generally, there is a vague idea that they want to make more sales, but nothing more concrete. When you are working with a good agency, they will be able to ask the right questions to help you define what your initial goals are. These will usually be broken down into “brand awareness”, “build community engagement” or “increase sales”.

The trickiest one is actually to build community engagement, as this as a “why” of its own – what is the reason you want to build community engagement? Often this is done to either increase brand awareness or drive sales, but it should also be considered a goal in its own right.

Brand Awareness

Where are you based and who is your main customer? Do they know who you are? All businesses have a niche market, but many times that group hasn’t been well enough to define yet. When you find a digital agency to work with hopefully they will be able to help you define who your target audience really is. Having this defined enables you to work out where you should be spending your time and money. 

If your product or service is being noticed by females in the 18-30 year age bracket who speak French and love sport, you will be looking to advertise in a different manner and on different platforms than if your target audience is males who are 40-60 years, play golf and speak Italian.

Although you might like to have the same brand awareness as McDonald’s, start by focusing your energy on your target group and ensuring that they know who you are and where to find you.

Increase Sales

A sale does not necessarily mean a product that is exchanged for money but can mean when a client engages your services or accesses your information. If you have developed a strong client base then increases sales may be as simple as sending out a newsletter offering a discount, however, this is not always the best way forward. Many companies have been caught in a sales pattern where customers wait until a specific sale comes up before making their purchase.

In order to be able to increase sales, it is a good idea to have your digital marketing agency analysis your current sales and work out where best to increase your efforts as well as developing a thorough and smooth sales funnel. This means from the moment your potential client discovers your product, service, or information, they are given an easy and seamless way to reach the end goal (purchasing your product, engaging your services or accessing your information).

However, it is not simply a case of adding a few ‘buy now’ buttons, and more than just developing your sales funnel, a good digital marketing agency will also ensure that you are able to be provided with the data showing where your new clients are coming from. You need more than to just increase your sales through a one-off event, but to find a way to keep your customers coming back time and time again. For this you need to make sure that you are capturing their information during the sales process.

Increase Community Engagement

More than just a catchphrase, this is the whole purpose of social media, to develop communities and give people a platform in which to engage with each other, and with your business. However, many businesses do social media very badly, missing the “social” part and instead are left wondering why their hard sale tactics are working.

Your social media community becomes your word of mouth and your testimonials, which we know are your best form of promotion. However, the engagement still needs to be as organic as possible to have the most effect. There are certainly benefits to developing a social media presence, but there are also quite significant risks, and before you go too far down this road it is a good idea to have a solid plan in place about your policies if things go wrong, how to do deal with customer complaints, what to do if something unfortunate goes viral, as well as how to engage with positive interactions.

Are you online? Can people find you? Are enough people finding you? If your answer is three resounding yells of “YES”, then move on to the next really helpful article. However, if you could benefit from having a few more people know about what it is you do online, then read on.

What Is Internet Advertising?

Let’s start with the basics, although presumably you already understand what both internet and advertising are, but while most people do understand the concepts, when it comes to advertising online things start to get a little confusing. Advertising online is a very different ballgame that advertising on any other form of media. While you may have video content in the same way as broadcast television, the way people watch online video content is very different.

Likewise comparing advertising in a print media with a static ad on social media is near impossible, as they are such different areas with different focus and different ways that people interact with them. When you are talking to people from places like International Internet Advertising Services they are able to offer you remarkable insights into how very different this type of way to reach an audience is and why the things we think about for print do not work for online audiences.

However, the term internet advertising covers a very broad range of areas, including:

  • Google Adwords
  • Sponsored & Boosted Facebook posts
  • Webpage banners
  • Instagram Promoted
  • LinkedIn sponsored articles
  • Promoted Twitter Tweets
  • YouTube video ads

You also may find paid advertorials, payments to influencers (both in terms of products or in terms of actual financial exchange), guest blog spots or featured articles.

What Is a Digital Marketing Agency?

A marketing agency is going to work with you to help create a clear brand identity that is going to reach your audience. This isn’t like advertising agencies of the Mad Men days with gin fuelled inspiration. A marketing agency is not about using gimmicks to manipulate your customers into buying your products, but about helping you reach your audience.

One of the issues that businesses often discover once they’ve brought a professional marketing person onboard is that they are targeting the wrong audience! Look at the incredible reach of unboxing videos on YouTube. These shows where adults and children alike just open a new toy, describe what they’ve found, and then play with it for 20 minutes keep the under 7-year age bracket completely transfixed. There is no need to try and convince parents or grandparents that these are the best toys through evening television sales spots, the kids themselves already know exactly what the toy does, how it works, and why they want one.

While these styles of video have come about organically, it should be no surprise that clever marketers realised the potential, sending the creators of the videos various toys that they could review freely.

Of course, there is a degree of risk with giving your product to any influencer, not only may they simply not mention your product at all, but they may actually dislike it and offer an unfavourable review. However, if this does happen, and you have a marketing agency that is well versed in public relations in the digital sphere, then they will have a response ready for you.

Using Social Media On-Brand

Although it may seem that many social media accounts are completely organic, you will regularly find that each brand has a strong sense of style and branding, which ensures that any comment which is made online fits within that brand. Just look at the banter between Wendy’s and Domino’s or the National History Museum & Science Museum. While this seems completely spontaneous, and often starts because the two social media managers actual know each other in real life, if a brand doesn’t have a set style for interactions then it can quickly turn ugly.

Look at the amusing banter that Wendy’s brand dishes out and compare it to more critical commentary offered by high powered individuals. While the first is mostly calling out people who are complaining about the brand in a harmless, even amusing manner, the latter is more often a call to arms against the people they have taken a dislike to.

This is why it is important to not only consult with a digital agency if you are wanting to grow your business with a focus on an online strategy, but to actual listen to their advice.


The internet positively thrives on abbreviations and shorthand. While you may feel confident throwing a causal LOL into a conversation, navigating the terms which are useful on a professional level are often more difficult.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is probably one of the better known about terms, if not one that is actually well understood. Yes, it does mean making sure that any content you have online has been optimized for search engines, through the use of appropriate meta tags, descriptions, file types and, of course, key words. What it does not mean is using your brand’s top five keywords in every paragraph of every page.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

There is the theory that the internet is divided into two very distinct habits, “search” or “social”. While we can certainly see the truth in this idea, SMO really comes down to ensuring that you aren’t just throwing content into the void. You need an actual plan and strategy to ensure that you are using your platforms effectively.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Where SEO is about creating content designed to be found, SEM is about hitting search engines over the head with your content. They will often include things like Google Adwords or other forms on online advertising that has the direct purpose of pushing a website up the search engine result ranking. It is a well-known idea that most people don’t go further than the second page when they are searching for something, in fact, few actually go beyond the first five results. So, SEM is about making sure your website is absolutely on that first page, and as high up the ranking as it can go.

Apple iPhone 11 vs OnePlus 7T Pro: OnePlus has fired shots at Apple for the shortage of “new” capabilities. OnePlus criticised Apple by mentioning to a vital element that iPhone 11 series does not have – the 90Hz refresh rate

Apple released brand new state-of-the-art iPhone 11 for Rs 64,900 (1dolar1 699 in the US). But imagine if you choose the Android planet and also would like a phone which might rival the iPhone 11? Samsung comes to mind immediately, though it lacks the vanilla Android expertise of OnePlus which has received fans that are many through the years. The OnePlus seven Pro is going from strength to strength and also the introduction of the brand new OnePlus 7T Pro is nearby. Preceding, OnePlus seven Pro was released in the US for 1dolar1 669 (Rs 48,999 in India) as well as targets are rife which OnePlus 7T Pro will remain in similar cost range.

OnePlus has fired shots at Apple for the shortage of “new” capabilities. OnePlus criticized Apple by mentioning to a vital element that iPhone 11 series does not have – the 90Hz refresh rate. OnePlus seven Pro was launched before in the entire year with a high-refresh-rate display, a nice achievement for smoother animations, scrolling etc.

The upcoming OnePlus 7T Pro will likely run Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855+ SoC, and also could possess a bigger 3,800mAh battery and triple back cameras. As per leaks, OnePlus 7T Pro will feature a 6.7 inch 2K Super AMOLED screen with a pop up digicam. At the rear, OnePlus 7T Pro is anticipated to arrive together with the triple digicam established with a 48MP main sensor, 16MP ultra wide digital camera as well as an 8MP telephoto cam. Apple’s iPhone 11, on the opposite hand, includes a screen size of 5.8 inch and has an all new A13 Bionic chipset. It features a 12MP wide angle lens and a 12MP ultra wide lens. Based on many, the brand new iPhone series is simply a more advanced version of the final year ‘s hardware with emphasis on the digital camera. Nevertheless, iPhone 11 just will come with two cameras unlike the triple digicam setup expected within OnePlus 7T Pro.

Nevertheless, an Apple iPhone can’t be gauged based on raw specs. Apple’s full control over software as well as hardware guarantees that iPhones are able to keep their very own against increased specced Android smartphones. Apple phones have often achieved much more with less. Furthermore, in case you’re a component of Apple’s ecosystem, subsequently going to the Android world can be a tad difficult.